Testimonial #1

It started as a contest between me and a fellow Olympian. “Hey let’s see who can lose the most weight between now the end of the year.” Sure, it’s been done over and over by many of us; just another ploy to help us get that excess weight off for the holidays or perhaps a New Years Resolution. So we set the rules of the game; you had to (at least) attend the Olympic Club Spin classes 3 to 4 times a week, with any additional exercise or diet changes left up to the individual. Well, you know how it goes; the old adage, exercise is not going to work unless you change your diet and the next best and greatest, media hyped diet will win me the contest but probably be short lived. This time I was at a point in my life that I wanted to make a permanent change. Coming off knee replacement surgery and having my weight soar to the highest point in my life I was ready for a permanent diet change. My fellow competitor had mentioned he had worked with Rochelle Lacey, the Olympic Club Nutrition Consultant. The idea of working with a “nutrition coach” to help me through this process sounded very interesting. So for the next two years I worked with Rochelle to get educated on food, portion control, what to eat and when and just overall nutritional maintenance. Rochelle’s first comment to me confirmed what I had thought might be true but never wanted to face; “95% of losing weight is what you put in your mouth”; exercise is important but without a proper diet it is impossible to control your weight.” Over the first year of working with Rochelle I lost 30 lbs and have continued to keep the weight off since the contest ended a year and a half ago. Yeah, I won the contest; but I could not have done it without the “Nutrition Coach”, Rochelle Lacey. More importantly, she helped me change my life.

Mike T.


Testimonial #2

I recently worked with a wonderful nutritionist who dramatically improved my health.  I now have more sustained energy (especially at work and on the tennis court), my blood sugar has stabilized, my ability to focus mentally has improved and I sleep much better.  In the process, I also lost several pounds. 
Thank you Rochelle!

Jane C.


Testimonial #3

I highly recommend Rochelle’s individual nutrition counseling.  It’s made a huge difference in my life: before, I had low energy and sometimes couldn’t finish the all the work I needed to do.  I was working out but not gaining weight.  Her advice, and the tools she introduced me to, have made a world of difference.  I am more energetic and am making gains from workouts.

Simple little things, like switching from one yogurt brand to another (and the new one has less sugar, twice the protein) all add up to make a big benefit.  I wish I’d done this earlier

Bob F.


Testimonial #4

Hi Rochelle,

Thank you for the stretch routine and info. It is exactly what I wanted!! You are amazing!  When I express a need to you, THERE IT IS!!  Thanks so much!

Cheryl T


Testimonial #5

I feel great!  My doctor is happy and I am happy.  My doctor is happy for two reasons.  First, at my physical exam in May 2010, he recommended that I take supplements [the commonly prescribed fish oil, Vitamin D and Calcium].  I did not want to take supplements, so I sought out Rochelle’s advice.  I implemented her nutrition and wellness guidelines that helped me find the nutrients in natural foods.  At my physical exam in May 2011, I “confessed'” to my doctor that I did not take supplements, but rather found the benefits that he was looking for in my new nutrition program.  His comment: “Well done; not everyone would do that!”  Secondly, he suggested two complete blood panels before my next physical exam to monitor the effects of my nutritional program as well as my total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.  I had two follow up appointments with my doctor; the first was in October 2011 and the second in March 2012.  By then my system was kicked into a “new” gear.  Each exam showed stellar marks for cholesterol and LDL levels as well as excellent ranges for all other vitals, including Vitamin D. My subsequent blood panel and physical exam results continue to validate my nutritional program. It is great to know what to eat at home and also when dining out. I am having a delightful time improving my health.

Gene V.

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