Holiday health tips!

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Holiday season is here!  Below are a few tips to keep you feeling your best while having the freedom to still enjoy the festivities that only a holiday season can bring.

Before the party:

  • Exercise. Prioritize exercise in your holiday schedule by treating your workouts as important business meetings.  20-30 minutes of full body exercise is key.
  • Eat small, frequent, protein rich meals the day of the event.

During the party:

  • Practice the 80/20 rule.  Fill your plate with 80% of the healthy stuff and 20% of foods in which you choose to indulge.
  • Connect.  Focus on the conversation and connections. Make an attempt to really get to know someone at the party on a deeper level.
  • Alcohol.  Alcohol calories will sneak up on you resulting in unwanted pounds.  If you choose to drink, select champagne, red wine or light beer.  Match each alcoholic beverage with a glass of still or sparkling water.  This will help keep you hydrated and feel good for that AM workout.
  • Let go of the “clean your plate” habit.  Leave a few bites on your plate and say goodbye to unwanted calories.
  • Just say no.  It’s okay to politely refuse seconds if you have had enough.  Only you know your limits.
  • Be selective.  Skip the commonplace chips and dip and bread and butter and choose to indulge in some of your favorite dishes that only come around once a year.  If you love dessert, enjoy a slice of your Aunts famous pumpkin pie.  Go ahead, allow yourself to have a dollop of whip cream too.

After the party:

  • Exercise.  Schedule time to get in a good sweat the day after.
  • Eliminate the all or nothing mentality.  If you weren’t perfect at the party, that’s ok.  Diet and exercise aren’t about judgment; they are a part of your lifestyle.  So don’t judge yourself too harshly.  Begin the next day by starting fresh; clean eating with lots of fresh produce and water.

Warmest holiday wishes,


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