Create your own healthy Holidays with a sugar-(less)Halloween


Halloween is a great starting point to launch into the 2013 holiday season by being mindful of nutritional food options to suit the entire family.  To me, October 31 is the official kickoff for a wonderful holiday season filled with festivities and community engagements.  It is also a great opportunity to set a good healthy standard for the event-filled months that lie ahead.

This month, I’ve included tips to break the sugar coma and revamp typical sugar-laden trick-or-treat handouts.  There are also small changes to party recipes that will tempt your delight.  Not to worry, deprivation is not a part of the program.  Feeling good is quite simple really.   Little changes = a big impact.

The best way to stave off sugar cravings is to eat a nutritious meal like a hearty lean chili or a protein-rich, veggie packed stir-fry.  Planning in advance to eat healthy decreases the temptation to go wild on the sugar.

Below are suggestions for a successful holiday season that will help you sail through January 1 feeling and looking great! Stay tuned throughout the season for more wellness tips.

Halloween Handouts

  • Dark chocolate bits (organic dark chocolate bug bites)
  • Pre packaged trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and M&M’s
  • Honey & sesame candy
  • Mini Lara bars
  • Packages of low sugar cocoa
  • Sugar free gum

Alternatives to food for handout

  • Create Pack-O-Jacks. Combine a blend of novelty toys like crayons/stickers/color pages, spider rings, fangs, temporary tattoos, spooky pencils or a small thing of play dough into bags.  Kids will love the activities.

Alternatives for the party

  • Red pepper hummus & olive-topped carrots (sprinkle black sesame seeds for a Halloween flair)
  • Green apples + nut butter (sunflower seed butter is on the top of my list and rich in vitamin E)
  • Devilish eyeball eggs (recreate traditional deviled eggs by substituting mayo with Greek yogurt & mustard. Add a scary twist to the presentation by drizzling natural red food coloring to form veins)
  • Skeleton veggie trays w/turmeric Greek yogurt dip (the kids will want to eat their veggies)
  • Pumpkin seeds. Save the inside of that pumpkin! After a fun night of family pumpkin carving, have the kids help in the kitchen with washing, and roasting the pumpkin seeds for a delicious snack.  Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc, protein and vitamin E – essential immune boosters.

For a good cause…

Trick or treat for UNICEF: order trick or treat for UNICEF boxes and help children to discover their own ability to make the world a better place for kids. For information, go to:

Start your holiday season with plan.  Call/email me today to schedule your initial complementary wellness consultation.  Together, we can build a health and wellness plan that is tailored especially for you, at the Club or in home.

Ottima salute (best in health)!


~Published in the 2013 October Olympian Magazine

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